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Where? Who? How? When?

5 Quick and easy steps to planning your wedding day...

Hi everyone and welcome to my third blog post. As we are off to Nigeria for a very fabulous wedding. I thought this would be a good opportunity to leave you with some ‘food for thought’

As a wedding planner. I’ve found that the most common questions brides-to-be ask me are “where do I start”? “Who’s involved in the wedding”? “When do I buy my dress”? “How and when do I book my venue”? “How do I budget for my wedding”? “How do we create a wedding day schedule”? “What, When, How and who does what when? You will find the answer to these questions and more in my upcoming book ‘How to create your own celebrity wedding’ due to be published later this year.

But for now, congratulations on your engagement. Here are 5 quick steps to help you get started on your wedding plans.

My thinking behind these steps are to first visualise what you want, then keep the vision and then turn you’re vision into reality.

Where? Who? How? When?

Step 1
Where are you going to get married? Which sort of venue? Is it going to be a hotel, country club, stately home, where are you going to marry? Would you like to wed abroad? Maybe In a museum? would you like to marry in your garden? There are so much choices but I feel this should be the first 'wedding planning' decision you make as a couple after your engagement party. But don’t book the venue just yet, as this is just to say-(yes my wedding will be here and in this building). This will help you visualise how you would like your wedding to look.

*A good tip is to have at least 3 venues to choose from. Then choose one as a 1st choice venue out of the 3 you have already choosen.

Step 2
Who will get an invite?

Once, you and your fiancé have decided on the venue. Now you can think about, how many guests you are going to invite?. Because depending on the cost of the venue and how much they charge per head; will determine who you will invite especially if you are on a budget this will surly help. So think about- are you going to have a small intimate wedding of around 75-90guests or can you afford a more lavish wedding for around 150-350guests? These are defiantly things you would need to decide...

Some people may say “count your guests 1st, before you venue search” but I say “no” as this day is all about you and your fiancé and where you’re going to be happy.

Step 3
The How?-Setting your budget!

Once you’re decided on how many guests, now it is time to plan your budget, think about! Is your budget realistic? Can you afford to invite your entire guest list to this venue? how much for catering... entertainment etc...(I will expand on these in my next blog) but for now, you can still have an idea of your likes and dislikes, what you want in and what you do not want at all. Write everything down then calculate the total cost.

After budgeting it will be easier to book the correct venue and stick within your set budget. All this is still before you buy your wedding dress etc...

Step 4
Who’s involved?

Decide who you want in your immediate wedding party i.e. Parents, how many bridesmaids you want? How many page boys,? How Many flower girls you would like...

Also this is a good time to talk about, would you like a top table during your wedding reception? If yes; How many people and who will be seated there.

Step 5
The When?-Book it all!

As we have already covered budgeting in step 3, you will be able to now have a good understanding of what and what you need to pay for.

Firstly secure your venue booking, and then you could buy your wedding dress, grooms suit, bridesmaid’s dresses. Also this is a good time to book any extras such as entertainment,Transpot,DJs, musicians etc… then sit back relax until your fabulous wedding day arrives.

Q. Why is buying my wedding dress step 5?

A. Because our bodies are constantly changing and there’s nothing worst then spending money on a beautiful wedding gown that will not fit you when it’s finally time walk down the aisle.

Following these quick steps will help everything fall into place for you to start on planning your fabulous wedding straight away…

*If you would like additional advise please feel free to email me at:-

Good Luck & Stay Blessed

Lina x

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